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The Power of Jewish Storytelling

Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer

Rabbi Fleer was born in New York and studied for Rabbinic ordination at the Navordoc Yeshiva in Brooklyn. He also studied at Meir Yeshiva and Torah V’Daath. He received smicha (rabbinic ordination) at Yeshivat Breslov in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Fleer is a noted Kabbalist, teacher and storyteller. He is acknowledged by the Encyclopedia Judaica as one of today’s leading authorities on Jewish mysticism. He is also a renowned exponent of the teachings of the Chasidic master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the great grandson of the Baal Shem Tov. He courageously opened the door to Rebbe Nachman’s grave in Uman amidst the intense religious oppression of the Soviet Union. (See his book “Against All Odds”).

The Power of Jewish Storytelling

Reb Gedaliah taught: “When a soul desires to bypass the pitfalls of intellect
and reveal itself to the mind it disguises itself in the raiment
of stories well told.”

In this fascinating 8 session interactive workshop we will contemplate and attempt to experience the following:

1. A Chasidic and Kabbalistic understanding of the underlying dynamics (or principles), ever present in Jewish storytelling.

2. Distinguishing storytelling as entertainment from storytelling meant to change consciousness.

3. The attitude, voice, and dress of ancient Jewish storytellers.

4. The utilization of storytelling to achieve emotional or pschological healing.

5. Storytelling as meditation or prayer.

6. Prophecy and why storytellers are sometimes overwhelmed by the urge to tell.

7. Why a storyteller must be exceedingly careful when telling the story of events in one’s life, even if that life is one’s own.

8. The impact of stories told as opposed to those that are written.

“More than anything else it is my fervent wish that those attending this workshop will come away with a profound appreciation for stories well told. And as individuals, may you learn to master the inner strengths fundamental to the “Jewish” telling of stories.

Price: $300 - 8 Sessions
(Scholarships available for those in need)

Dates: Sunday July 10th and each subsequent Sunday until August 28th

All Classes begin at 3PM EST or 10PM Israel time
Each Session is approximately 1 1/2 hrs

Note: The subscription includes LIVE CLASSES, access to the recordings of the Live Classes, access to the recordings of the weekly Wednesday Likutei Moharan classes.

Sponsor a session: $150.00 L’Aliyat Neshama (Elevation of the Soul). The session will be dedicated to the memory of a loved one who will be mentioned and discussed briefly at the start of the sponsored session.


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