Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer is a master teacher of Kabbalah and Chassidut…as well as an engaging storyteller…His presentations are highly recommended for anyone looking to Judaism as a spiritual path” – Rabbi Nechemia Polen – Professor
New 8 Week Session of Classes starting Sunday June 28th
8 Week Subscription – $125 / 2 Months
Your 8 Week Subscription Includes the following:


1.  One class session  on the final “Beggar” in  Rebbe Nachman’s famous story on the  Seven Beggars. 
Before his passing in 1810 Rebbe Nachman stated, “My fire will burn until the Messiah comes.” Much of that fire is contained in the stories he told. Of these stories, classics in Chassidic literature, the story of the “Seven Beggars,” is probably the most profound and well known. In this ongoing series, Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer will impart new levels of insight and Kabbalistic understanding gleaned from this most mystical and wondrous tale.
(Those subscribing will have access to classes previously recorded on the story of the “Seven Beggars.”)
2.  One class session on another of Rebbe Nachman’s famous stories…”The Rabbi and His Only Son”
3. Two class sessions titled “Rebbe Nachman on Joy”
“We are told to serve God with joy and come before him with rejoicing” – Psalm 100:2
However, joy is a relative term. There is monetary joy, emotional joy, physical joy, and spiritual joy. There is the joy of success, the joy of healing, the joy of children, as well as the joy of life and living. But, what is the nature and true essence of joy, and what is the joy of serving God?
Remembering all the while a second verse in Psalm 2:11 says, “Serve God with fear and rejoice with trembing”
4. Four Class Sessions titled “Ratzon: The Power of Will”
Will is a force within us that when unleashed can allow us to transcend external and self imposed limitations and bring our deepest desires and intentions into reality. It is also an essential ingredient in healing. However, how does one get in touch with their will, with their life force, and with God’s will? Learn how to activate and renew this “will” based on Kabbalistic teachings connected to breath, scent, words, and food.
 Each subscriber will also have access to the recorded sessions of the above lectures, as well as a weekly recording of the Live Wednesday class on Likutei Moharan.
(Recorded Sessions will be available to subscribers for the duration of the subscription and one additional month for a total of 90 days for those unable to attend Live Sessions)
 There will be a once a month “What’s On Your Mind” get together with Rabbi Fleer. It will give subscribers the opportunity for a give and take, question and answer format in order to get to know Rabbi Fleer and each other.
Likutei Moharan Classes are every Wednesday at 1PM EST of 8PM Israel Time
The firt of the 8 Week Sessions  begins Sunday June 28th at 3PM EST or 10PM Israel Time
Get Access to all live classes with Reb Gedaliah for 2 months


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8 Week Subscription Classes begins Sunday June 28th 3PM EST or 10PM Israel Time
Likutei Moharan Classes are every Wednesday at 1PM EST or 8PM Israel Time
All Classes will be presented on Zoom, and will be recorded for those unable to attend Live
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